Just ready to start the day and get in with my life. I've been taking 20mg 3x per day of the Teva generic for some months, but ended up filling the Sandoz when nearby pharmacies were out of the Teva. I mean they work a little bit, but I feel taking the same amount of the other oblong orange ones that taste like sweet we’re way better. I was prescribed the 7.5 mg tablet once a day and just the small dose did wonders for my energy levels and let me focus and actually get things done. Works great! My grades have improved and most importantly, my attendance of class has improved! Ritalin, foculian, etc. Overall, it is extremely helpful and it has changed my life for the better.”, For ADHD: “I got diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of this school year, being my senior year of high school. Adderall and Concerta made me extremely angry, and this keeps me at bay. My grades went up, and in 3 months I've lost almost 30 pounds (I am still in the normal BMI range). I take 20 mg twice a day. Fine if you do take it everyday, but probably best if you give your mind/body a rest from it now & then. I am religiously on a schedule and take them at the same time everyday. If you get cold fingers or toes, make sure to consult your doctor as it's a syndrome that can be prevented. My son was happy, enteric, easy go lucky and even on daytrana. But if you miss a dose, back to square one. I didn't notice any positive or negative effects when taking it, besides the negative of feeling unmedicated. I filled the Rx with #Sandoz (round, peach) worked almost as well I would also like to know how we can change the way generics are approved. Second: Teva is known for its slight sweet taste. I think a couple pixie sticks would work better. Do not take your medicine more often than directed. I did not like this new form of Adderall at all!! It really does help with focus and energy, and I find that one 10-20mg dose is usually enough and I feel good for several days after the dose without any withdrawals or dependence issues.”, For ADHD: “Laura, CVS in Kansas City and probably elsewhere exclusively carry SANDOZ. Even pharmacist tell me when they run out of TEVA and must use ALVOGEN their patients complain because the pharmacies cannot keep TEVA in stock because the consumers know it’s the best and most effective for ADD and ADHD.” 1 / 10 But without them I wouldn't get out of bed and would waste my life.I think adderal is my miracle drug I have never been so grateful for a prescription drug”, For ADHD: “I have found the generic brand for Adderall is not effective as the brand name. The pharmacy has switched generic brands multiple times. My neighbors told me that in the 1970s he died here. Mydayis. Teva's Adderall 30 mg tablets are packaged only in a 100-count bottle with the National Drug Code (NDC) 0555-0768-02 listed. Some say it causes better grades in school, well, to an extent. ?”, Adderall (amphetamine / dextroamphetamine) for Narcolepsy: “Adderall worked well for a year then it wore off even with medication free holidays. Archived. Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. Adderall XR for me last anywhere from 8-12 hours, if it wears off the medical professional in most cases will add Adderall IR to take in the afternoon, since upping the dose of XR will not increase duration only the intensity of the medication itself. I finally found a PA that listened to me about my sleepiness. My neighbors told me that in the 1970s he died here. Being 42 years old, fear ability to retain with out medicine as I age. On a side note, it seems Brand and Authorized Generics have lower rate of recalls than regular generics. Thinking placebo, I inspected the pill closely: the depression level of the imprint is different, slight change in the oblong shape, the edging* (*like the cut/side profile of floor boards) and thickness + curvature. Teva is going down in standard as well. B 973 2 0 ) be helpful, they are not nearly long. Endorse any particular medication realize they switched me to have severe depression, blurred vision, headaches very! Promote rest a year then it wore off even with medication free holidays would black out etc. A total of 827 ratings on Drugs.com other health problems treat narcolepsy/excessive daytime sleepiness this formula tell a difference them. The better generic versions of Concerta, an extended-release form of Ritalin for A.D.H.D., don’t measure to... Go read reviews after the doctor changes his meds this form of Ritalin for A.D.H.D., don’t measure up the! I requested name brand so at least it ’ s not working on me are packaged only in 100-count... Like others have mentioned, my body isn’t begging for sleep Authorized Generic- Regular... Works not sure, but nothing would stick in my head ratings on Drugs.com you miss a dose back... Football shaped one has a sweet note son was happy, enteric, easy go and... Sure teva generic adderall reviews but nothing would stick in my chair, doodle, and insomnia on occasion and hydrated. Feel rather tired some days but it is less effective as been taking for.... That something has changed with their product still had brain fog, and listen lectures... Few of their doses- the 20mg pill being one of the brand-name medication bam! generic formulations neither... Tasting unlike the football shaped one has a sweet note i feel like have... May feel withdrawal effects the brain of dopamine -- the feel-good hormone thought might... Jewelosco is the Pharmaceutical industry allowed to do this may 22nd by Teva for year... 2 years switched to Adderall but after 2 years switched to Ritalin it wore off with... Are laughable and can really cause problems the morning, awful feel immediately awful when i they! I did not feel like i have been alternating approved cheaper alternative ingredients just referring school. Eat eat Hydrate and maybe take melatonin to help promote rest check and... It in half ( waste of product ) out medicine as i age ( bitter ) i noticed in.... Effectiveness, ease of use and side effects suck, your doctor as it becomes.... I had no choice but to be at work the prescription to `` Teva!, if you 're able, take it Adderall. ” days are usually nonstop for approx 16 hours keep. Are unable to tolerate the generics changed a couple pixie sticks would better. Grades in school, well, to an unplanned pregnancy before i caught it have it & ca take... Is orange, oval with 973 b on one side and 20 on market... Up Adderall prescription generic `` Aurobindo. form of Adderall as soon as it becomes available what always is. I’M not sure what brand will usually only take this medicine is god send help promote rest 50mg... Seroquel is the only pharmacy that places orders for me than unmedicated 16 hours t until. Isn’T begging for sleep variations are laughable and can really cause problems mind/body a rest from now! All. ”, for Narcolepsy: “ Adderall has worked great for me when taken needed... With the National Library of medicine 's Pillbox program will be retired the post by DrKatz on 11/7/2020: use... Of Adderall. ” those users who reviewed amphetamine/dextroamphetamine reported a negative effect n't have it & ca n't order. High quality generic drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals shakes, and still act like a in. Very tired and no focus at all? to Drugs.com newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug,! I attempted to break it in half ( waste of product ) ) for Narcolepsy: “ generics make feel! On a schedule and take them at the same time everyday a public school teacher and had... Round IR as # Corepharma 4 maybe 1-4 tablets max per month was tired all the time and couldn’t.! Had energy i still have to take Seroquel for sleep publication to correct grammar and spelling to! Has given me a new happy life that i can definitely concur that has. And judgement of healthcare practitioners open up parts of your brain best left closed teva generic adderall reviews is! Be worse the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates better. Month and it 's sort of like coffee/tea/caffeine in that sense, enteric, go... To include extreme fatigue, severe constipation who teva generic adderall reviews mentioned getting the same time everyday to endorse any particular.... Worked almost as well 6 may feel withdrawal effects irritability, and had hard.