From my outsider perspective, I thought the state was already bad and corrupt in 2002 but since then it has become much much worse. And I’ve travelled to most the states and know many, many people from many states and other countries. Another alternative is heading north on 101 beyond the northern Bay Area (Novato and such). With that said, I think it’s a shame CA is such a mess. We appreciate finding your website John, can you tell us where to go? Didn’t last more than 2 yrs- moved back to Minneapolis. Also, Businesses are bringing in cheap labor from India as well as Pakistan and other muslim countries and paying them big dollars – all of which is being sent back to their home countries and siphoned out of the American economy. Cocoa Beach to Saint Petersberg a great 4000sf home or a great 2000sf home can be bought for 500k. The speed limits are faster and less You might want to visit before you move there. You sound like an angry and hateful person. When they died, started thinking maybe CA had changed (for the better), so moved to SLO, where I thought there would be less craziness than LA ( in the 80s). California farm owners are actually often hard-working American farmers, some of the few left – they could not leave their farm behind. i hear some folks from CA move to Las Vegas, Nevada. It has been a strange transition for us. Charleston has a lot of work, and Charlotte NC has a ton of work combined with Durham or Wake Forest, you’d be employed for life. I travelled and surfed around La Jolla, Malibu, Carmel, etc and lived in Mt Shasta for a few months after coming from Florida. If you look at California you see a microcosm of the United States… greed, taxation, police state tactics, complete disregard for the consequences of ones actions (living under the veil there really are no longer any personal consequences), you are my enemy or my friend with no middle ground, dumbing down to give dumb people equal status so nobody has their feeling hurt… on and on it goes. On the Mexico side, they do not build or develop. Living here is getting more and more painful . Soul-less? I moved after 50 years, hubby 60 years from our two homes, no mortgage, one in Palm Springs and the other on the beach in Santa Monica. Prices are weird ($12.00 a lb for bacon?.. You can move to other sunny areas which are warmer and sunnier and cheaper than the Northeast; sure it won’t be as perfect weather as CA but it will be better for sun-lovers and the other benefits far outweigh 20% better weather of CA. We are in Boulder City NV, no prostitution allowed or gambling. Houses are inexpensive, depending on where you live. It’s highly unprofessional and should you dare want to achieve anything creatively, unless nepotism is on your side, take a ticket and get in line to have smoke blown up your ass or you can do what many smarter people than my young 19 year old self did, go to a culture that appreciates you for your talents, whatever they may be, if you’re a wannabe lawyer, New York or London, if you’re a trainee doctor, Canada or Australia. Before moving to CA I always thought these types of articles and blogs’ intentions were to discourage additional people from moving to California because it’s so overcrowded. But I can’t leave since my husband still has his good job, and I have one more child in High School who needs to finish. I learned quickly that there had been a mass migration from CA to the front range in the early and mid nineties. It’s a value-added-tax that promises you’ll get refunded for returning your empties. Even in the most affluent neighborhoods and same can be said for the amount of Homeless here! See how quickly and vehemently that gets a response but I say that in reference to other nations. I’m just like … why am I still living in the “ Blood Sucker State??? I’m waiting to see where my son who is in college in Washington ends up living and working. No way! Once your state turns blue it becomes lost forever. Washington, DC, is the new Second City after New York City (Boston has declined). ANOTHER reason to flee this stupid state!!!! Modeling our own hearts and our own daily-lives based-upon the ways of JESUS CHRIST chronicled within-THE GOSPELS OF MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, and JOHN is the best way to be eternally-saved. Your article is spot on. California might be rich in culture, traditions and attraction, the state is never perfect. Are you mad yet? I doubt $10M would get you near that property these days. Pay here starts at $8 hour. Vacation Bible School is FREE – that might not mean much to you but there are a lot of things that are just “offered by the community” that you will have to get use to once you leave CA. I find California people to be the worst people I have ever lived around. The time before that it took me 6 months. How about you leave the house and turn off the fake news and stop being so hateful and racist against white people, especially since all your comments are completely wrong. We can actually buy a 4 bedroom house with a backyard and a basement. Thank you John for your assessments, it’s really bad now I hope you post more. We lived in a fairly decent suburban home back in 1974 I was 4 1/2, One day I came home from the park across the street crying, because two older black kids threw dirt clods and rocks at my kite and knocked it out of the sky, and then stomped on it. Quit complaining and get out. By 2015 I really wanted to get out of there. And if I sound selfish then you are just a guilt-ridden liberal. Don’t take my word for it, go get yourself a Flying Dutchman and discover the awesome. In effect, some areas may have more than one district tax. I am affluent and moved out at at 52 and my hubby at 62. VAPING. For the most part. But what I heard from my ex that predominantly goes out with Hispanics… he said 3 of the girls used to cry, saying “I hate my color, I hate that I am Mexican”. My father was from Vallejo California where he grew up, and he has always had problems with the blacks living there, way back in the 50s and 60s, always wanting to start fights with Him! You forgot to mention some of the worst traffic and pollution too! Similarly, warm weather states seem to be where it’s at (with some notable Midwestern exceptions).Keep reading to see a breakdown on the 10 most popular state. After all, Hollywood is there. I would say the same about any location – move there for a suggested 3 months, but at least 1 month, before committing to the move. We hope the best for taxpayers to escape before they can’t sell their homes. See my former comment, it’s all marketing for California since they are losing a lot of the population to other states and big business/industry has been moving out of Cali since the 1990 in full force, and prior though I was too young to remember. Tax rate in California is the highest on the nation. They are more-closer than you think. You will be SHOCKED how your mortgage payment on twice as big of a place is half what you paid to rent. The whole state is dirty as heck! Pollution, a$$hole people, ramming their way of thinking down our throats. Of course my husband is not retiring age, so to leave a good job now, might put us in financial trouble and he doesn’t have a plan for looking for another job elsewhere. Three Acres, with Public Water ON the property, all for $19,500. I left LA for a few years, but came back because I got home sick. I don’t even miss the California weather, it’s cold and snowy during the winter and hot during the summer with plenty of outdoor activities and people don’t go around trashing up the campsites. By the way, look at the land just south of the border. AMEN. Our Cocoa Beach home is 2000 sf and we want 3000. ..but maybe it is just me. Can we take back our CA through our new President? Not that the current state of the white house is ideal; but when taxes are being raised for “supposed” road improvements, and the roads look like that of a 3rd world country in places — there’s a problem. I didn’t get to “enjoy” the “infill” (a nice term?) “People are at the end of their ropes.” “Under Newsom’s latest plan, California is split into five geographic areas, with each assigned restrictions based on the number of available ICU beds at local hospitals,” the Chronicle reported. Also, I truly believe this drought is not ending and housing is going to tank for real in 15-20 years after people are forced out. While we inhabit these frail, physical bodies… Please, most-importantly, we must learn to ”FORGIVE one-another; Most-especially to those others who harmed us when they themselves were tempted and inhabited by satan and his demons at the time.). California is out of control. They have a 1950’s ranch style house that’s worth close to one million dollars. The whole nation should thank all of you for allowing these things to happen while you sat and did nothing about it (well, other than pointing your fingers at liberals while choking on the chronic). The entire city of Irvine is completely owned by Asians for example. WOW, this article is soooo dead on. The liberal cesspool they created in that state will only perpetuate itself until we can smell it from Nevada. The HR was Mexican and they hired two other Mexicans to take my place. It’s people from other states that have moved here who have turned a really great western culture into a California-esque type of atmosphere here in CO. California, Illinois, and New York are the biggest groups of people flocking to CO (there is data to support this). And in 99 it had about 10,000 people, now 2018, there is over 50,000 people! I’m ready to leave California. If you are a liberal then Houston is a great place for you. 100% in agreement sir, I m in little LA, Miami, or it has become on a small scale ,of course not to me ,as I used to love Miami and surrounding areas and the weather was the place to be ah the beautiful sunshine state has become the new Seattle or England, rain and clouds on a daily basis for the last ,2013 . Hope that helps! Have you visited Houston? Missing CA again until we checked the taxes that doubled on 100,000 homes to 1500 a year plus water bond fees, school fees, college fees, expensive mixed assessment fees just to name a few in San Bernardino County. Have you talked to a school counselor about your home situation. Also smart choice homeschooling your kids! He told my mom “we are out of here!” So he took a pay cut working at Exxon in Richmond area, and applied for the city of Sacramento fire Department. My husband is a native Californian (4th generation) but I am a mid-westerner. I was just wondering. Seattle is liberal, but the rest of WA is not. My friends were forced out of Palm Springs and moved to Yucca Valley CA for cheaper housing. Because this is merely a vendetta people. Not to mention my looks and my great past of being successful that was already a problem all my life with jealous people…but now wheww!!! Google is about to move to Novato which is 10 minutes from here. We moved to Idaho after our son, our daughter and their families moved. Should we rent in CA? There is not one American flag flying anywhere, and almost no one speaks English. Everything is insanely expensive (housing) in Anaheim and traffic is insane, even when compared to 10 years ago. If your moving to texas north houston areas like the woodlands and spring are nice even south west in seabrook and league city are nice coastal areas, addison denton and fort worth in north texas..corpus christi is a hidden gem if you can find work down there. I laughed so hard I about peed my pants…even though the pay was 3x what she was making, it’s not enough to cover being in gangland. my brother is the only member of my family’s long history that still lives in San Francisco.When he is gone, our heritage dies with him. If you do not answer them then how will they be heard. My ex says “you’ll die in that car in LA – up against all the SUVs!” To which I say “oh, well.” There are a lot of older people in Florida. then pointed at me and laughed and ran off . But I am sure I will, and maybe it will be a good time for my husband to start applying for a job in Florida at a not so high stress company. Also avoid all the leftist news blogs; huffpost is one of the worst offenders, not to even mention obviously CNN which is garbage. Did you mean “California is the THIRD worst state in the nation for business…” ? Consider the following crucial factors: 1) Financial advantages– find out if your life will actually improve after the relocation: 1. Sue — maybe if we ever default on the debt, China can first ask for California (or perhaps the entire West Coast, with boundaries altered to where they should be, along the crest of the mountains, the best kind of Wall other than a very large body of water, and the Darien Gap has helped us a great deal currently, too). Explore and investigate new options… be willing to take risks and you can live out your days. The few remaining nice places, such as Sierra Madre, are islands or oases under assault now from criminals who select these sites for burglary and theft because the pickings are good in the remaining good places. Using California as a model… look what’s happened to that state in just one decade. Here Is Why It’s A “Good” Thing. I am retired and my husband is retiring as soon as Charlotte sells, then we will retire in Naples Beach Florida, or Charleston SC on the waterways and have one acre of land at least, a Victorian home with an elevator from the garage stopping at each of the three levels. We were out there in November for our son’s beach wedding and although it was absolutely beautiful, it was also 85 freaking degrees on the BEACH! China only owns a small percentage of the U.S national debt. I agree with you on all points, Corsicana. I wondered if you could tell me what job it was that paid much less in California? I mean, if you can think of an issue or problem, just blame it on liberals. Also, California moving truck companies want to milk Californians for every penny, so they double the rates above their actual cost. In California there are almost entirely the have’s and the have-not’s; the rich and the poor. Once my parents are gone that will be it. I don’t regret living in California, because it is truly a beautiful place and the weather truly is beautiful. So it’s all a big mess and I don’t see any changes in California in the foreseeable future. All I can say is that we are planning on moving in the next year or two back east. It’s true, well comments on this blog are stored on TheTechReader’s private dedicated servers, not google servers. Never seen such a large concentration of self centered pricks in all my life. If it wasn’t for the racism, I’d be ok, but Indiana is the Ku Klux Klan headquarters. The best is if you live in Sacramento and commute to the bay area. We want privacy galore and both places offer it. California: Nice place to visit, but if all you make is the minimum wage, move along, buddy, you can’t afford to live here. You could send me a first class ticket to LAX and I’d mail it back. With them they brought their traffic! Im a native and cant wIt to get out of here. I am contemplating making the move to Flagstaff, AZ with my son as well and have him finish his last 2 years of HS there. It has become so accepted and well known that the news are now talking about which states are best to move to, taking it as a given that people are fleeing and looking for an alternative. Move to Melbourne..palm beach is notoriously unfriendly…you can’t even surf there without getting a ticket!! just for a job, it’s not uncommon to hear a manager of a store traveling from San Diego to Orange County or Los Angeles every day for work. The Democrats all move to the big cities and they bring their crazy and their crime there. I’m married without kids, and while I really want them, I’m afraid to here. They can say Italian or Italians. Yorba Linda is the birthplace of Richard Nixon, so there are so many ‘sun-symbolisms’/’flame-symbolisms’/’cauldron-symbolisms’ amongst countless businesses there — Jesuit/Illuminati/Satanists-infiltrated: They control the local mobs… Yes, there are Russian mobs here in California. I can’t wait!!! I cherish one of my books I own, about the Bay Area suburbs as they were in the later 1970s. My house will be up for sale soon. Future Friend, I hope we can agree on this one thing: Crime and Graffiti pretty much go together. sadly it really has( or atleast is well on its way to be CA) I live in west central Austin now and even though I make close to the average house hold income(by myself) I am trapped into renting or buying an hour away. If you have the time, do read all of them. I hope tax payers all leave before the next bubble. We have legal pot and potheads literally just sitting on the curb smoking bowls of grass in parks and public areas where kids play. AGREE!!!! I’m on grief overload hearing about another dozen or two horses burning alive. We are leaving asap we can’t retire here anymore, are taxes are so high for water sewer rates, paying for everyone’s bills. I’ve also “lived” (a year or more) in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma and Nevada. Florida is worth considering. Liberals are the problem, plane and simple. We got a motel room for the night and gassed up the truck. COME TO LOOK, Come BACK to STAY. Without all those other issues, there would be no better place to be. And never mind the fact that the great state of California is essentially north Mexico now. Fault Lines, Tsunamis and Wildfires I trust and live so many New Yorkers. I don't have a problem with San Diego OVERALL, although it does have issues but so do all places imo. $50K? Mexican food is actually the worst Spanish food of all the Spanish speaking countries! Found out from a rancher that NM is as bad as CA, a very liberal state. Lived in California over 40 years and it was good at first but now it is not due to the high taxes. China isn’t who the U.S. owes the big money to. Only move to California if you are going into high tech or healthcare and work in the bay area. I hope the good people escape before it’s It is when human-souls reject-GOD and JESUS CHRIST is when satan and his demons swoop in and inhabit those-very-souls; The most unfortunate of all-happenings. One of the biggest reasons why people “need” to buy a home is to expand their family. Concur or disagree? My experience thus far…can anyone relate: I speak Italian, but I do not use it to talk about people, I always translate. You are totally correct, that is all fallacy about CA and LA show-business. The soul has been sucked out by greed at every level. We are told “call 911 or your hospital!!! Everything is expensive.. Gas is expensive (And of which is pointless because of our HORRIBLE traffic issues).. HIGH regulations on ALL guns asides from shotguns.. (which makes no sense..) And just the pure shed of 100 degree heat every single day asides from winters, where it goes from 50 degrees in mornings to 80 in afternoon. Plus, when you sell that near-million dollar house and buy the same size house with cash for ~$150k in a normal state, and with no mortgage and no stress about money anymore, your quality of living will go up drastically. Hell even when you don’t mess with any of those wackos, they’ll still try to sabotage or derail your life. I am a 3rd generation Californian. The rest either become homeless or move out of California. This is tragic – I googled it and wasn’t hard to find. The traffic will drive you insane, one day to travel 50 miles, and 10 miles to work, 3 hours daily on average. And among hats left of these vanishing pastures and farmlands , our “conservative” governor caters/kisses to the (illegal) migrant farm workers sector, so much so, that he wont even make dog-fighting (The migrants’ form of entertainment) a Felony! 1) Of course, the weather. I’m 65. I lived in CA for 35 years and they are always losing money they got from voter initiatives, which they put on the ballot again and again, and finding money, which they use for other purposes. Taxes are modest, jobs are plentiful, homelessness is non-existent. Then I started missing my sister, tacos, palm trees, the rock n roll scene, muscle cars, etc. My last visit was in January, 2010, a day run from Albuquerque to Monrovia (in the LA area). So many immigrants using the welfare. This goes to show that the reason southwestern America is wealthy is because of the Americans who worked hard to build it. We have $ now to FLY back and visit CA to visit family. Everything I do now is plotting my escape. Why Cali, really there is nothing great about that State unless you plan to be self employed and work out of your home. Easy answer: they can’t. So, read books, stay sharp and avoid California at all costs. Well I have lived in San Francisco for 80 years and have witnessed a massive deterioration. Californians are coming by the drove. It is all part of United Nations 2030, depopulating citizens, bringing in an A.I. Enjoyed this read, really did. Thanks for writing this article. So first of all, who in the world is buying 600k+ houses??!! Their job security keeps them there – for now, To the CA native thinking of moving: Your income will be less and that scares you. the idea of CO2 as the driver of climate change was debunked as a hoax,,,–Know-the-risks-and-failures-.aspx,,,, 18 Top Free File Hosting Sites 2018-2019 | Reviews and Ratings. I really am planning to move-out of California, and forget all of these superficial-peoples. That is why you should stop watching the news – ever. Crime is low, we don’t even lock our doors (not sure I could even find the key to my house lol.) California’s coastline is in the “Ring of Fire”, a string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity, around the edges of the Pacific Ocean. I prefer the Indians to the asians but they are each others best buddies and work together to keep whites and blacks out. That’s if, we still have our PERS! The grass is certainly greener outside of California…. Our first bill was $550 for 2 months worth of water. Chilly mornings and evenings. Most-importantly, through the eternal love and power of THE HOLY SPIRIT, we have to love one-another, and credit all of the goodness in our own daily-lives come from GOD and JESUS CHRIST’S ETERNAL LOVE FOR ALL OF US (Minus: satan’s-deceptions, which overtook men like King Saul, King Herod, and Judas Iscariot, ETC.). Earl Klugh ・ I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore. There are major-Satanic Temples hidden from public views in every-major cities: I have heard specifically-San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Long Beach, and San Diego through interviews… So there is plenty-more to watch-out from. White people get the lowest help for college. when you one day the truth people are unnecessarily greedy-The fact is a home should be reasonably priced -and the taxation is the main reason we or our ancestors set up here-we dont want socialism we dont want communism –but i guess the people born into the 1990s to 2020 we think its ok to have this –we want joy laughter love and peace-we want freedom-but i think once you sell out your country to foreign lands your screwed —.